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Everybody needs to use their hands sometimes, and if that includes you while you're performing, a traditional handheld microphone is probably not your cup of tea. If you're a dancer, DJ or musician, having your hands free to handle moves, equipment and instruments is a pretty high priority. Fortunately, mics come in a few different kinds, and Nady wireless headset microphones are the perfect tools to get the freedom you need to perform. In fact, Nady was one of the first companies to introduce wireless mics back in the 1970s, so it's kind of like going to the source.

Whether they're for stage or broadcast, shows come in all sizes. So, it makes perfect sense that Nady's wireless headset systems are able to scale. For example, if you're gearing up a solo act, check out the UHF-4 Headset Wireless System and the UHF-3 Headset HM-3 Wireless System. On the other hand, when you need to put mics on the whole band, you're looking for a bigger option like the U-41 Quad HM10 Headset Wireless System or the Nady U-41 Quad HM20U Headset Wireless System. These full-size models support four headsets on four simultaneous channels, so you'll be ready for big, world-class shows.

One more thing to keep in mind when choosing a Nady wireless headset system is the microphone style that's included. If you like your headset small and discreet, your best bet will be a choice like the UWS-100 HM-10 Headset Wireless System. But if a more traditional headset feels like the way to go, then there are plenty of those as well, including the UHF-4 LT/HM-3 (115) and the 401X Quad HM-1 Headset Wireless System.

No matter which of Nady's wireless headset microphones you decide to use, you'll know that your audio is in expert hands. Nady has four solid decades of experience to make sure of that. So go ahead and approach the lineup with confidence, consider the style and features, fit them to your budget, and you'll have no trouble choosing the perfect wireless system from what Nady has to offer.