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Some of the most respected and sought-after wireless systems in the world, Nady have been the go-to name in the microphones since 1976. With a constant eye on innovation and performance, Nady is considered a pioneer, having created some of the most revered equipment in the industry, winning prestigious award after prestigious award. Unique, dynamic and affordable, every musician will appreciate what these wireless systems can offer. So what are you looking for in a wireless system? With so many configurations, packages and individual parts, the sky is the limit in terms of Nady gear. If you're looking to outfit an entire band with headsets, start your search with the U-41 Quad HM3 Headset Wireless System. Featuring four wireless receivers, four headsets, and a versatile transmitter, you're able to keep your stage clear of clutter while you rock out. If you're here for more of an individual setup though, check out the best-selling UHF-3 Headset HM-3 Wireless System MU1/470.55. With its lightweight HM-3 headset, UB-3 bodypack transmitter and UHF-3 wireless receiver, this system offers you advanced technology in an extremely accessible package.

You'll also find handheld mic packages, combo systems, components, in-ear systems, devices and so much more, ensuring you have everything you need to keep the stage cable-free. Because Nady knows how important having access to space on stage can be.

Need even more convincing? Just look at the all-star list of performers that use Nady wireless systems. Big names like Slash, Dwight Yoakam, Steve Vai, the Misfits, Mick Mars of Mötley Crüe, Joey Vera of Anthrax and so many other headlines all turn to Nady to help create their signature sounds. Even the legendary Johnny Cash relied on Nady for his performances, showing how truly special this gear is. So if you're looking to take your stage show to the next level and beyond, trust the freedom that Nady can provide.