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Since the early 1970s, Bartolini has been a well-known and trusted name among musicians. While every one of their electronics and replacement parts have contributed to their success and respect in the music industry, it's Bartolini's humbucker pickups that have earned them the most praise from guitarists. In fact, Bartolini humbucker pickups are preferred by performers spanning countless genres. From their warm and full tones to their noiseless, dual coil designs, Bartolini humbucker pickups belong on the axes of any guitarist who wants to showcase their skills to the world.

In Bartolini's catalog of humbuckers, you'll find pickups for both the neck and bridge position. Each humbucker pickup here deserves a closer look, but some models are more suited to certain guitar styles than others. For example, the Electric Guitar 6-String PAF Jazz Humbucker Dual Coil Bridge Pickup is recommended for jazz and jazz/rock players. This pickup is the result of a collaboration between Bill Bartolini and Ed Reynolds (famed Chicago guitar builder). It delivers focused lows and a warm, diffused attack that will make even the most intricate chords stand out.

Of course, Bartolini has a reputation in the rock world for a reason, and they specialize in plenty of humbucker pickups that shredders will love. One of Bartolini's best-selling humbuckers is the Electric Guitar 6-String PAF Rock Humbucker Dual Coil Bridge Pickup. Available in your choice of black, chrome, gold or nickel, this pickup was also designed in partnership with Ed Reynolds. It comes with 3 mounting screws for easy installation and its high output makes it ideal for guitarists who play with lots of distortion.

And these two models are just a sample of what Bartolini humbucker pickups are waiting in this section. For guitarists who are seeking a more vintage sound, the Electric Guitar 6-String PAF Vintage Humbucker Dual Coil Neck Pickup would be a huge upgrade to, say, a semi-hollowbody or '59 Les Paul. When you get right down to it, Bartolini takes pride in providing guitarists of all tastes with humbucker pickups that are built to last and built to blast.