Dean Humbucker Pickups

It's no secret that the best craftsmanship comes from people who love and believe in whatever it is they're making. That certainly explains why so many builders of instruments and gear, including Dean, can trace their roots back to small one-man operations that arose from a true passion for the craft. In a workshop like that, the details make a big difference and it's pretty routine for the individual parts to be held to just as high a standard - if not even higher - as the instruments themselves. Case in point: the Dean humbucker pickups found in this section. They're a great fit for a Dean guitar, of course, but you can also slap them on any G-spaced axe to get your hands on their amazing tone.

To get an impression of what Dean humbucker pickups are capable of, there's no better example to start with than the Dean Michael Schenker Lights Out Humbucker Pickup. Available for both the neck and bridge positions, it's designed to perfectly capture Schenker's signature tone and blazing leads. The best way to wrap your head around this impressive pickup's character might be to just check out some of the stellar reviews that it's racked up - and there's a lot of them, which already says quite a bit especially once you consider that 5-star ratings are the norm for it! Though maybe there's another guitar legend whose tone you like even better than Schenker's? If it's Dimebag Darrell, you'll also want to take a look at the Dean DimeTime Humbucker Pickup. It was painstakingly created by working with Dime's own guitar tech Grady Champion, as well as the actual Dean guitars used to record "Cowboys From Hell", so it's about the most accurate option out there for guitarists wanting to recreate Dime's iconic sound.

No matter which of these Dean humbucker pickups seems like the best fit for your personal style, it's safe to say that it could be just what your guitar needs to take its tone to a whole new level. With one (or two!) of these humbuckers feeding your beefiest amplifier and plugged into your customized effects chain, they'll give you the perfect artist-inspired foundation for creating a whole new signature sound that's all your own. Of course, you could always decide to just emulate the guitarists who inspired them, too - the choice is yours to make!

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