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Intermediate Bassoons

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If you're in the market for a powerful instrument that makes a definite statement in a school or at concert orchestra, then you're in the right place with this selection of intermediate bassoons. Thought of as the "big brother" to the clarinet, the bassoon offers a rich, powerful, dramatic tone that makes it an important part of the woodwind section. Renowned for its ability to round out the symphony's sound, the bassoon is an attention-getting instrument that's rewarding to play, offers the opportunity for solo performances and gives you the chance to be adventurous when making music.

Maybe been honing your skills for a while and want to move past a student instrument but aren't quite ready for a professional, this catalog of versatile intermediate bassoons is right up your alley. For the progressing bassoonist, the Fox Renard series offers excellent choices like the best-selling 220, 222 or 240 models. These beautiful instruments feature a sturdy maple body, C, D and E keys, French bells and nickel silver hardware. If these models don't quite fit your needs, set your sights on the Schreiber S16 intermediate bassoon, with a smooth alpine maple body and high D and E keys. These bassoons can be your secret weapon when transitioning from a student to a professional playing level.

To really want to make your presence known in the woodwind section, a contrabassoon is an interesting choice. Crafted to be even larger and deeper-voiced than a traditional bassoon, these instruments feature a rich, full sound that's truly unmistakable. For instance, the Amati ABN36 Contrabassoon is made from mountain maple and silver plated German keys, offering the best of classic workmanship mixed with modern production techniques. The result is a model that will help make your ensemble or solo play even more impressive.

This selection proves that intermediate design can go hand-in-hand with a high standard for quality and craftsmanship. Whatever your reason for selecting an intermediate bassoon, you're sure to find what you need here. After all, once you've spent a great deal of time practicing and perfecting your skills, you're ready to grab an instrument that can really showcase your talents.