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On concert stages and in home studios around the globe, 76-key keyboard workstations can easily be found thanks to their perfect balance of versatility and portability. As any experienced user will tell you, keyboard workstations are like compact, all-inclusive production studios that surround a keybed, and models with 76 notes offer the best of both 61-key and 88-key worlds. Another huge bonus about 76-key keyboard workstations is that they are designed by today's most respected brands, including Casio, Kurzweil, Yamaha and Korg.

If you're still not sure what 76-key keyboard workstation to choose, it helps to start your search with the more popular items. For example, take a look at the Yamaha MOTIF XF7 76-Key Music Production Synthesizer. Packed with 741MB of internal Wave ROM that's made up of killer realistic pianos and acoustic instruments, hip hop sounds and vintage synths, it's no wonder why today's best producers are using this workstation. Easy to use and boasting responsive, touch sensitive keys, you'll be composing incredible pieces of music effortlessly the Yamaha MOTIF XF7.

Another pro-level production workhorse in this section is the Korg Pa4X76 76-Key Professional Arranger. The expressiveness and sound quality of this workstation makes it a favorite among countless live and studio professionals. It features an enhanced interface with a large color touch screen and it's chock-full of high-capacity PMF sounds - 10 times more than in the Pa3X. With the Pa4X76, you'll have no problem bringing your creative musical ideas to life.

And by all means don't stop browsing this page after checking out the 76-key keyboard workstations mentioned above. If you're a budget-concious hobbyist, you'll be happy to come across the affordable Casio WK-245 76-Key Workstation: ideal for both band and solo applications. When you have an imagination that's always on the move, you deserve a workstation that provides you with the sounds, effects and samples to make your creativity soar. Rest assured, there's a 76-key keyboard workstation here to inspire you.