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About Korg Kronos Workstations

The Korg Kronos music workstation comes in three versions: 61 key, 73 key or 88 key. Kronos has 9 powerful synthesizer sound engines. It also has a 16-track MIDI sequencer, 16 tracks of digital audio, a host of on-board effects, color touchscreen and more.

Let’s take a closer look at Kronos’ sound engines, starting with SGX-2 and EP-1. Korg’s SGX-2 Grand Piano features three grand pianos: a Japanese model, German model and a Berlin model. Then there’s the EP-1 Electric Piano Engine. It covers classic reed (aka, Wurlitzer) and tine-based (aka Rhodes) electric piano sounds.

Looking for classic Hammond-inspired organ sounds? Kronos’ CX-3 engine models classic tonewheel organ sounds. The CX-3 engine has the DNA of Korg’s CX-3 organ. It offers hyper realistic amp and rotary speaker models.

Craving classic analog synth sounds? Kronos includes models of Korg’s MS-20 and Polysix synthesizers. The MS-20EX and PolysixEX engines perfectly model the circuitry of these iconic synths, from the oscillators to the filters. They also add advanced functions and increased polyphony. Kronos also includes Korg’s AL-1 engine from the OASYS workstation. AL-1 offers everything you love about analog synths. It also has plenty of modern features to bring these sounds into the 21st century.

If you crave the sounds of the 1980s, look no further than Korg’s MOD-7 engine. MOD-7 employs Korg’s VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) technology. It serves up the sounds of classic FM synths. Want to recreate classic Yamaha DX sounds? Kronos directly imports Yamaha DX SYSEX data! Added features like PCM sample playback, ring modulation and more make this an incredibly powerful engine. You’ll go places FM synths never dreamed of.

For something a little different, check out Kronos’ STR-1 Plucked Strings engine. This physical modeling engine excels at recreating the sonic qualities of stringed instruments. You can build rich acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harpsichord and clavinet sounds. Willing to experiment? You’ll find complex and unique sounds that you won’t get out of any other synth.

Looking for a more straight-forward synth engine? Try Kronos’ sample-based HD-1 engine. It delivers a diverse range of high-quality sounds. Factory presets include orchestral strings, brass, bass, synth leads, pads, drums and more.

Kronos is also a high quality stage keyboard. Top of the line KARMA tech generates inspiring phrases, musical effects and backing tracks for added creative options. Intuitive and user-friendly, the Kronos workstation also has a dedicated control surface. You’ll find channel-strip sliders, knobs, buttons and even a joystick.

Going to be gigging? Check out Korg’s intuitive Set List mode. Designed for gigging musicians, Set List mode allows you to neatly arrange your sounds for quick access on stage. You can even include notes for yourself in each Set List slot.

Revolutionize your music experience with the seamless sound transitions, diverse synth engines and cutting edge technology of the Korg Kronos. Bring exceptional sound equipment into your home, studio or sound stage with this unique synthesizer and workstation.

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