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About Korg microKORG Synthesizers

Looking for an affordable synth? Enter the microKORG. Korg’s MicroKORG is a synthesizer and vocoder built on an impressive analog modelling synth engine. Out of the box, microKORG offers a bevy of fantastic sounds and an interface that begs you to turn some knobs.

Korg’s microKORG features 37 keys and 128 user-rewritable programs. These sounds are categorized in 8 basic groups, offering quick access to the sounds you need. When you’re ready to make your own sounds, microKORG offers an intuitive synth engine, inherited from Korg’s MS2000.

At the heart of microKORG is a 4 voice, 2 oscillator synth engine. MicroKORG is packed with an array of waveforms, from classic analog wave shapes to 64 DWGS waveforms from their classic DW-8000 synth. With a noise generator, 2 EGs, 2 LFOs and a Multi-Mode Filter design, the microKORG is a sound designer’s dream. Even better, there are 4 virtual patch points, offering a variety of modulation options. MicroKORG includes three different modulation effects, 3 types of delays and an on-board equalizer. An 8 channel vocoder adds another layer of fun.

MicroKORG also works as a great MIDI controller. Realtime knobs on the front panel transmit MIDI messages so you can control virtual knobs on your favorite soft synths or hardware.

Though it may seem intimidating, microKORG is quite user-friendly. Whether you’re a guitarist looking for your first synthesizer, or a keyboardist or producer looking for another sonic option, you’ll want to consider buying a microKORG.

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