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Making your talents realized by an audience starts with the best live sound equipment money can buy, and for that you've definitely come to the right spot. In fact, Alesis has been committed to constructing innovative tools for live sound reinforcement since 1984, and their hard work and dedication has earned them the praise of audio engineers and musicians from around the world. Whether you need a new two-way loud speaker or a complete live sound package with microphones and a mixer, Alesis has just you're looking for.

So what exactly do you need? You certainly have plenty of options, but an easy way to narrow down your search is by starting with the more popular items. For example, the Alpha 112 two-way loudspeaker provides a smooth low-end and exceptional high-end over a wide dynamic range. Lightweight and portable, this powerful workhorse has built-in Alesis DSP and boasts 1000 watts of power, so you can bet your music will be heard in all its glory by everyone in attendance at your next live show.

As mentioned, Alesis also provides complete PA packages, and the Multimix 8 USB FX / Harbinger APS15 bundle is a super affordable way to have your group sounding incredible in many different settings. Featuring the aforementioned mixer and speakers, two Audio Technica M4000S mics, two Gear One XLR cables, two Live Wire TRS patch cables, and two all-steel tripod speaker stands, this package has it all. Additionally, the lightness of the equipment makes it very easy to put up and take down, making it ideal for bands who prefer to travel with their own setup.

The live sound equipment you go with will play an essential role in how your music connects with an audience, and since you've put so much time and effort into writing and practicing, you deserve to sound flawless in front of a crowd. Thankfully, Alesis takes pride in assuring your music is crystal-clear night after night, and proof of that can be found in any one of the items in this catalog.