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Microphone Capsules

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  1. 36 Month Financing*
    Sennheiser MMK 965-1 e965 Wireless Microphone Capsule
    Product Price $499.95
  2. sE Electronics V7 MC1 Wireless Microphone Capsule
    Product Price $129.00
  3. Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone Capsule for Zoom H6
    Product Price $129.99
  4. Heil Sound RC 35 Wireless Capsule
    Heil Sound RC 35 Wireless Capsule
    Product Price $261.00
  5. Rode Microphones NT45-O Omni Capsule for R0DE NT4 NT5 NT6 Microphones
    Product Price $89.00
  6. Sennheiser MMD 835-1 e835 Wireless Microphone Capsule
    Product Price $99.95
  7. 36 Month Financing*
    BLUE B9 Cardioid Large-Diaphragm Bottle Cap
    Product Price $699.99
  8. Lewitt Audio Microphones LCT-340-CC Cardioid Capsule for LCT-340
    Product Price $149.00
  9. Sennheiser MMD 945-1 e945 Wireless Mic Capsule
    Product Price $219.95
  10. Zoom XYH-6 X/Y Capsule
    Zoom XYH-6 X/Y Capsule
    Product Price $79.99
  11. Zoom XYH-5 X/Y Capsule
    Zoom XYH-5 X/Y Capsule
    Product Price $79.99
  12. Zoom MSH-6 MS Capsule
    Zoom MSH-6 MS Capsule
    Product Price $79.99
  13. Beyerdynamic TG V56c Electret Condenser Mic Capsule
    Product Price $239.99
  14. sE Electronics V7 MC1 black with internal windscreen
    Product Price $129.00
  15. 36 Month Financing*
    BLUE B11 Cardioid Large-Diaphragm Bottle Cap
    Product Price $699.99
  16. 36 Month Financing*
    BLUE B10 Cardioid Large-Diaphragm Bottle Cap
    Product Price $699.99
    Open Box:
  17. Lewitt Audio Microphones LCT 340-OC Omnidirectional Capsule for LCT-340
    Product Price $149.00
  18. 36 Month Financing*
    Neumann KK 204 Cardioid Microphone Capsule
    Product Price $999.95
  19. 36 Month Financing*
    BLUE B6 Cardioid Dual Backplate Bottle Cap
    Product Price $599.00
  20. Beyerdynamic TG V70W  Dynamic Hypercardioid Mic Capsule
    Product Price $239.99
    Open Box:
  21. Sennheiser MMD 935-1 e935 Wireless Mic Capsule
    Product Price $199.95
  22. 36 Month Financing*
    Beyerdynamic TG V96w True Condenser Mic Capsule
    Product Price $639.99
  23. 36 Month Financing*
    Earthworks WL40V Wireless Capsule
    Earthworks WL40V Wireless Capsule
    Product Price $799.00
  24. Beyerdynamic TG V50W Dynamic Cardioid Mic Capsule
    Product Price $129.99
    Open Box:
  25. Sennheiser MMD 845-1 e845 Wireless Microphone Capsule
    Product Price $119.95
  26. Beyerdynamic TG MM1w Wireless Measurement Mic Capsule
    Product Price $249.00
  27. Beyerdynamic TG V90W Ribbon Cardioid Mic Capsule
    Product Price $449.99
    Open Box:
  28. 36 Month Financing*
    BLUE B3 Cardioid Mid-Sized Diaphragm Bottle Cap
    Product Price $599.00
  29. 36 Month Financing*
    BLUE B5 Pressure Omni Small Diaphragm Bottle Cap
    Product Price $599.00
  30. 36 Month Financing*
    Neumann KK 205 Supercardioid Microphone Capsule
    Product Price $999.95
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Microphones come in all kinds of varieties, including modular! For musicians, techs and other audio professionals looking to get the maximum versatility out of their setups, microphone capsules like the ones in this section are able to deliver it. When paired up with compatible mic systems and portable recorders, they allow you to effectively transform the microphone into a different one by changing only the tip. Since capsules contain the active parts that directly pick up sound, they offer as many options as you'd expect from a complete standalone microphone: your choice of response patterns and elements, sometimes including even specialty styles like shotgun mics.

To choose the best microphone capsule for your equipment, start by narrowing down the selection based on what that equipment is. For example, if you're swapping capsules on a Zoom H6, some suggestions include the Zoom SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone Capsule, Zoom MSH-6 MS Capsule and Zoom XYH-6 X/Y Capsule. Proprietary capsules for certain studio and broadcast mics are available as well, including the BLUE B5 Pressure Omni Small Diaphragm Bottle Cap, B6 Cardioid Dual Backplate Bottle Cap and others from BLUE's Bottle Cap series.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a capsule that can attach to any standard wireless microphone, those are also easy to find. One great example would be the Telefunken M 80 Wireless Head, which was originally designed for touring use by Green Day - though it's a solid choice for musicians of any other genre, too. And that's just one of many capsules you can explore with a few minutes spent looking through this section.

Lots of the top microphone brands are represented here, from Sennheiser and Neumann to Beyerdynamic and Audio-Technica. So if you have a preferred label, you'll probably appreciate the freedom to pick up a capsule that carries it! When all is said and done, the perfect option for your needs is up to you to decide, whether that means having a whole collection of microphone capsules ready to swap or a single versatile one that can handle everything you care to throw at it.
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