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The invention of the MIDI is, without a doubt one of the most significant advances in musical history since the electric guitar. MIDI controllers allow musical instruments to connect to and interact with each other, as well as computers, opening up the audio landscape and taking your musical experience to new heights. Because MIDI controllers can play such an important role in the way you shape and craft your music, you need one that is made by a company that strives to offer an experience unlike any other. Korg is one such company. With over half a century of experience, Korg is an elite name in the world of audio. Award winning and forward thinking, there is no doubt they can offer you the MIDI to make your musical dreams a reality.

Korg's MIDI controllers cover a lot of ground. They offer a wide variety of controllers for players of different needs, which is great news as it means you should have no trouble finding the one that is perfect for you. If you're not entirely certain where to begin your search, it's as good a bet as any to start with Korg's best sellers. For example, the TRITON Taktile 49-Key Keyboard/Synth Controller with TRITON Engine is a compact, lightweight synthesizer that is easy to take everywhere from the studio to the stage. With 49-keys and built-in TRITON sounds, this is a MIDI controller that is really going to go a long way to stimulate your creativity.

Another popular option available here is the TAKTILE 49 USB MIDI Controller. This MIDI controller is highlighted by the Kaossilator X-Y touchpad, which lets you access and play melodies with just a single finger. With plenty of sliders and switches, this controller is easy to setup and use, meaning you'll be unleashing fantastic grooves in no time flat.

And these are only two of Korg's many MIDI controllers that are available to you. Whether you're a first time buyer or an established pro, you'll no doubt find a lot to love about Korg's collection of MIDIs.