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A solid synthesizer gives you the ability to make your sound truly original by allowing you to combine sounds. The timeless tones Minimoogs have to offer ensure your collaborations really stand out. Whether you’re just getting into the synthesizer or looking to add a unique feel to your band’s sound, a Minimoog is a great way to learn and expand your musical abilities. Minimoogs emerged as one of the top synthesizers of the late 1970s. Their iconic sound became a major part of popular music with artists like Jeff Beck, ELO and even ABBA incorporating it into their arrangements. The release of the Minimoog Voyager in 2002 brought this instrument into the new age and made it possible for people to enjoy this classic instrument yet again.

Minimoog Voyagers are known for relying on an updated analog construction to produce their signature tone. These synthesizers come in one of two forms, as a rackmount or with an included keyboard. If you’re more interested in a customized experience and the ability to use your own keyboard the Minimoog Voyager Rackmount is your best bet. This unit has additional inputs to give you the ability to add even more modulations with pedals and has 128 modifiable presets. A mountable until like this can be included in a performance setup with ease.

If you want to be able to travel and perform with a more compact arrangement, a Voyager Performer Edition or Voyager XL makes it a lot easier. These units include a Moog designed keyboard so it perfectly suits all of the included synth sounds. The Moog filters, flexible modulations and pitch bend keyboard come together with an array of customizable tones and sounds to give you a feel that you’re back in the early 80s performing with one of the original models. If you really want a true vintage tone with modern capabilities, these units are your best bet.

When you bring such a distinct tone to your performance it’s bound to set you apart. Whether you’re more interested in performing or recording, Minimoogs add texture and easily enhance any style of music with endless capacity for customization and their compact size ensures you can take them anywhere.