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  1. MOTU BPM Beat Production Machine Virtual Instrument
    Product Price $279.00
  2. MOTU AVB Switch Five-Port AVB Ethernet Switch
    Product Price $395.00
  3. MOTU MIDI Express XT USB Interface
    MOTU MIDI Express XT USB Interface
    Product Price $349.00
  4. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU 8pre-es 24 x 28 Thunderbolt/USB Audio Interface with 8 Mic Pres, DSP and Networking
    Product Price $1,195.00
  5. MOTU Micro Lite USB MIDI Interface
    MOTU Micro Lite USB MIDI Interface
    Product Price $139.00
    Open Box:
  6. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU 828es 28x32 Thunderbolt/USB-2 Audio Interface
    Product Price $995.00
  7. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU Digital Performer 10
    MOTU Digital Performer 10
    Product Price $499.00
  8. MOTU MIDI Express 128
    MOTU MIDI Express 128
    Product Price $235.00
  9. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU 828x Thunderbolt Audio Interface
    MOTU 828x Thunderbolt Audio Interface
    Product Price $849.00
  10. MOTU Micro Express Interface USB
    MOTU Micro Express Interface USB
    Product Price $249.99
  11. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU Track 16 16x14 Desktop Studio Interface
    Product Price $549.00
  12. MOTU Fast Lane USB MIDI Interface
    MOTU Fast Lane USB MIDI Interface
    Product Price $69.95
  13. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU 8A Thunderbolt / USB3 / AVB Ethernet audio interface with DSP and mixing
    Product Price $795.00
  14. MOTU Audio Express 6 x 6 FireWire/USB 2.0 Audio Interface
    Product Price $395.00
  15. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU UltraLite AVB Audio Interface
    MOTU UltraLite AVB Audio Interface
    Product Price $649.00
  16. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU 112D Audio Interface
    MOTU 112D Audio Interface
    Product Price $1,495.00
  17. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU 24Ao USB/AVB Ethernet audio interface
    Product Price $985.05
  18. MOTU Ethno Instrument 2 World/Ethnic Virtual Instrument
    Product Price $374.00
  19. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU 8M Thunderbolt Audio Interface
    Product Price $1,495.00
  20. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU Stage B16 Input Stage Box and Audio Interface
    Product Price $1,695.00
  21. MOTU HD Express HDMI Video Interface
    Product Price $495.00
  22. MOTU MachFive 3
    MOTU MachFive 3
    Product Price $459.00
  23. MOTU Symphonic Instrument Plug-In
    MOTU Symphonic Instrument Plug-In
    Product Price $249.95
  24. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid
    MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid
    Product Price $995.00
    Open Box:
  25. MOTU MachFive 3 Competitive Upgrade
    MOTU MachFive 3 Competitive Upgrade
    Product Price $259.00
  26. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU Traveler-mk3 FireWire Audio Interface
    Product Price $849.00
  27. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU 8pre USB
    MOTU 8pre USB
    Product Price $549.00
  28. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU 24Ai USB/AVB Ethernet audio interface
    Product Price $995.00
  29. 36 Month Financing*
    MOTU UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid Audio Interface
    MOTU UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid Audio Interface
    Product Price $549.00
  30. MOTU Volta Voltage Control Instrument Plug-In
    Product Price $199.00
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About MOTU:

If you could be a fly on the wall at some of the world's biggest recording studios, MOTU is a name that you would be seeing and hearing plenty of. They've got a three-decade history of supplying top-tier audio gear to professionals around the world, after all, and few other brands can rival what MOTU has done for the recording industry. Musicians, sound engineers, broadcasters, filmmakers and tons of other professionals all have good reasons for trusting MOTU to power up their workstations.

One of MOTU's greatest strengths is versatility, which means that there's something here for everybody, no matter what sort of recording you're into. If you aren't certain where to begin, you could start simply by checking out the items labelled "Best Seller" and "Top Rated." In the music industry, your peers are great sources of leads, and any piece of hardware or software that's being snapped up by everybody is definitely worth investigating for yourself.

MOTU may be best known for their interfaces, which makes those units another good angle from which to approach the selection. A solid example would be the 896mk3 Hybrid, which is an absolute powerhouse designed for the most demanding professional applications. With support for both FireWire and USB, you can easily connect this interface to any PC or Mac. Of course, to fully take advantage of the 896mk3 Hybrid's capabilities, you'll need to have a high-end DAW to back it up. MOTU won't leave you hanging there: Digital Performer 8 is the perfect software to pair up with this range of high-end digital hardware.

There's a simple formula when it comes to music and audio production: quality in = quality out. This means that if you want to get the best results, you've got to have the best platform to work on. With MOTU, such a platform is definitely within your reach. Once your studio is equipped with the top-notch hardware and software found right here, you'll have the setup you need to take your creations to the next level.

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