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About On-Stage Stands:

When serious musicians take to the stage to perform they always need one thing outside of their instrument... they need On-Stage Stands. For over three decades now, they've been pushing forward the design and durability of all types of music stands, allowing instruments, mics, mixers, lighting and so much more to be used in a variety of settings. Made to be better than any other stands out there, On-Stage Stands are simply a cut above.

With a range of different styles, shapes and applications, the stands found in this section cover almost everything On-Stage Stands has to offer. Because the catalog is so massive though, you should definitely narrow things down by your own specific need first in order to find exactly what you're after. For example, if you're in a band and you're looking to outfit everyone with their own dedicated mic, start your search with the On-Stage Stands Mic Stand Package. Featuring six adjustable tripod stands as well as a durable bag for easy transport, you'll be able to reliably go from show to show almost effortlessly.

On the other hand, if you play a specific instrument, you'll be able to find a stand here for it as well. From guitars to keyboards, saxophones to flutes, trombones to trumpets, no matter what you play On-Stage Stands has you covered. If you're a keyboardist searching for a secure stand designed to handle the energy of live performances, check out the On-Stage Stands Platform Keyboard Stand. Completely adjustable and featuring telescopic legs, this stand was made for every large-format setup. With a huge weight capacity and a foldable construction for effortless storage, this platform stand does it all.

Holding up every great artist is a great stand, often from On-Stage Stands. Reliable, resilient, and made to last, the stands found in this section dependably go everywhere you do. So if you're ready to add a professional edge to the way you make your music, you've come to the right place.