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There is one thing that every musician has in common, from the greenest beginner to the most seasoned pro: no matter how good your instrument is, no matter how face-melting your technique, sounding great always hinges on being in tune to begin with. And while some artists are eerily good at tuning by ear, it's never 100% reliable. To be absolutely certain that your tuning is spot-on, you can use a TC Electronic Pedal Tuner. These handy pedals remove any doubt about your tuning accuracy, which makes them an accessory that every guitarist and bassist should have on hand.

Ask any guitar or bass player to name their favorite effects pedals, and chances are high that you'll hear TC Electronic at least once in their answer. With their incredibly high standard for build quality, TC has been raising the bar on effects ever since they released their first pedal back in the 1980s. Knowing that, it's easy to understand why they're worth trusting with your tuning, too.

TC Electronic's pedal tuners are probably best known for their "PolyTune" technology, which allows you to tune all of your strings at the same time with a single strum. Just play the whole course at once, and the pedal will tell you exactly which strings need to be adjusted. That saves time, so you're ready to play sooner. Another great feature of TC Electronic pedal tuners is their true-bypass design, which means that you can leave them on your pedalboard full-time since they won't put any drain on the signal when they're in bypass mode. That's another time-saver: no need to rearrange your pedals at the start of a set - just tune up, turn on the bypass and play.

Performing with an electric guitar or bass is already challenging enough - the tuning process should be the easy part. With TC Electronic pedal tuners, that's definitely the case. These smartly-designed pedals couldn't be any simpler to use, and they'll ensure your sound is spot-on from intro to encore at every gig.