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No matter how you play your guitar, there’s a Pedaltrain pedalboard with your name on it. With an award-winning patented open-frame design and extremely durable construction, it’s no wonder musicians everywhere are taking notice of these distinct pedalboards. From individual pedalboard to full travel systems, Pedaltrain combined innovation and an understanding of guitarists’ unique needs to ensure you and your effect pedals are covered. If you’re just getting started with effect pedals but still want a high-quality pedalboard, start your search with the Pedaltrain Mini Pedalboard. With a welded aluminum alloy tubing construction for added strength in a lightweight package, this pedalboard has no moving parts and an angled design ensuring it will stand up to a lifetime of stomping. It lets you travel light, while still getting used to using a pedalboard. Are you constantly gigging around town? Then you’re going to want to check out the PT-2 Pedalboard with Softshell Gig Bag. Featuring the large PT-2 slatted pedalboard, as well as a durable nylon gig bag with multiple pockets for easy storage, this combo makes it easy to setup and start playing.

As well, if you’re looking for an all-in-one setup that allows you to transport, set up and breakdown your gear quickly and easily, you’ll definitely be interested in the PT-Pro Pedalboard with Hardshell ATA Flightcase. Made with the touring guitarist in mind, this flightcase includes a case with lockable latches and low-profile side wheels, a center-reinforced pedal frame, and ample storage space to hold and protect all your effect pedals. If you’re serious about your pedal arrangement, then this is the perfect rig for you.

With something for every type of guitarist, Pedaltrain puts a lot of effort into all their products because they know how much your pedals mean to you. Simple in design but effortless to use, these pedalboards and travel kits will protect your gear show after show.