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About Pedaltrain:

What's a guitarist without their effects pedals? Able to take the basics of your instrument in excitingly wild new directions, pedals have been a staple amongst guitarists for decades. And odds are, especially if you're a veteran player, you've amassed a nice little collection of pedals for when you hit the stage; so what's the best way to make sure your pedals are safe, secure, and ready to go whenever you are? The answer to that question is simple: Pedaltrain gear.

Since 1999, Pedaltrain has expanded from a one man shop to a name that is recognized throughout the music world. By keeping your pedals organized and easy to access, whether you're at band practice or hitting the stage for opening night of the tour, Pedaltrain can allow you to stay focused on your playing (which is great news for your bandmates and fans!).

All this begs the question of which Pedaltrain gear is right for you? Well, that will almost certainly come down to your personal preference. If you're not entirely sure where to begin your search, your best bet may be having a look at some of our top sellers. For example, the PT-2 Pedalboard with Hardshell ATA Flightcase is a great option for any touring musician. This case will easily hold a dozen pedals (including a wah) and can easily load in and load out, making it ideal for life on the road. Best of all, this case also offers plenty of additional space for cables, spare pedals and accessories.

Another top notch option is the PT-2 Pedalboard with Softshell Gig Bag. This bag is ideal for taking to any local gig. It offers plenty of room for your pedals, all while keeping them safe. If you're looking for a lightweight, convenient case for a residency or jam session, you'd be hard pressed to find a better option.

The truth is, regardless of your needs, Pedaltrain has something for you. It's this commitment that makes them such a respected name amongst amateurs and professionals alike. When only the best will do, trust your pedals to Pedaltrain.