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Guitar picks are one of the few accessories that can honestly be called older than guitars themselves. That's because the earliest picks were used on stringed instruments that pre-date the guitar as we know it today. Centuries later, they're still the accessory most closely associated with the guitar, and they're still subject to a problem that's been facing guitarists since the very beginning: where can we put the things so they won't get lost, and so we'll always have a spare on hand when we need it in a pinch? Pick holders are the answer to that dilemma. Keeping your guitar picks well within reach, they'll ensure you've always got one at the ready at a moment's notice.

If you had only ever seen one guitar pick holder in your life, there's a good chance that it would have been the Dunlop Scotty Pick Holder or the Dunlop Ergo Pickholder. These simple, straightforward models are designed to be stuck right onto the surface of your guitar, meaning that no matter where you take your instrument, its picks will always be right there with it. You've got a few alternate choices in this segment, too: with the introduction of holders like the Pickbandz Stick-it Pick-it Pick Holder, Dunlop no longer has a monopoly on the style - so feel free to choose your favorite.

Some of the other pick holders available in this section fall into more exotic categories. For instance, there's the Dunlop Microphone Stand Pick Holder, which is perfect if you play multiple instruments or styles with a dedicated pick for each one, since it gives you the ability to easily choose a specific pick from a lineup. Other holders, like the Perri's Leather Guitar Pick Key Chain, allow you to keep a pick with you wherever you go, even without your instrument. They're great for bringing along on a shopping trip to the local music store, or if you caught your favorite guitar hero's pick from the front row at a concert and want to carry it with you 24/7 as a souvenir.

No matter what your guitar pick storage needs are, there are sure to be pick holders ready to handle them. In fact, you might even prefer to have one of each style so you can choose how you'd like to stash your picks on a gig-by-gig basis. It's up to you to decide what works best for your own preferences - the important thing is that, with as many options as you have here to pick from, it's easy to put together the pick holder collection that's right for you.