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When the songs are written, rehearsed, and ready to be shared with an audience, a band's hard work deserves to be showcased with pro audio equipment that's solidly-built by expert audiophiles, and for that, Cerwin-Vega is a name you can always depend on. In fact, Cerwin-Vega has been a leader in professional sound gear since 1954, and with that kind of experience, you can bet that everything they construct boasts a stunningly high level of quality. Whether you're a DJ who wants their beats to be felt as well as heard, or an amateur engineer who's building a home studio, Cerwin-Vega has your pro-audio needs covered.

So without further ado, let's explore some of your options. If you're a live audio technician who's searching for the perfect PA speaker, then take a look at the P-Series P1500X 15" Active Full-Range PA Speakers. Featuring a 15" woofer and a high-frequency compression driver, this two-way, bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speaker is everything you'd expect from one of the most respected names in live sound reinforcement. Full of clarity and punch, the P-Series P1500 is versatile, compact, and ideal for rock bands and mobile DJs alike.

Cerwin-Vega is also praised often for their mixers, and the CVM-1624FXUSB 16-Channel Mixer is a portable powerhouse. Containing 10 microphone XLR inputs, 3-band equalization and AUX & EFX bus flexibility, this rugged mixer is also rackmountable, so when your show is over, you can just slap the cover on your rack and head out the door. With that kind of convenience, you'll never again have to plug or unplug your mixer before or after a performance, making the CVM-1624FXUSB an excellent choice for today's busy studio or live engineer.

It's easy to tell how trusted Cerwin-Vega is when you discover how many best sellers make up their catalog. Not to mention, their roster of recording artists is constantly growing, and currently includes favorites like the "First Daughter of Soul" Lalah Hathaway, Public Enemy's DJ Lord, and robot-rockers Compressorhead. With those kinds of credentials, you can rest assured that anything you choose from this section would be a huge upgrade to your pro audio setup.