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When you're on stage giving the performance of a lifetime, it's comforting to know that everyone in attendance realizes it too. That's where PA speakers come into play, and rest assured, you don't need to look any further than Cerwin-Vega for a set of PA speakers that will provide you with an accurate representation of your musical potential. In fact, making a performer's talents realized has been Cerwin-Vega's number one priority since 1954, and over that time, their dedication to sound reinforcement has earned the praise of countless artists and engineers.

It goes without saying, but it's important to choose PA speakers that match the specific application you'll be using them in. For example, if you want something that's quick and easy to set up, your best bet is to go with a set of active speakers, since they have a built-in amp and connect directly to a mixing board without the need of an external amp. Cerwin-Vega has many active speaker options, and the P-Series P1500X 15" Active Full-Range PA Speaker is one of their best sellers. Featuring a 15" woofer, a high-frequency compression driver, and powered by a custom Class-D amp, this bi-amped, full-range bass-reflex speaker delivers crystal-clear sound, and it can also double as a floor monitor.

On the other hand, passive speakers require a separate amplifier to be powered. Lighter in weight than their active counterparts, passive speakers are ideal for larger systems, as well as for those who prefer to keep their mixer separated in case they want to make an upgrade down the road. If this sounds like what you want, check out the 3-Way Passive Dual 15" PA Spkr CVP-2153. Boasting two custom-designed 3" voice coil 15" woofers and a Mylar high-frequency driver, this PA speaker has rugged construction, and its bass response is stunning even at high dB levels.

In the studio or live on stage, PA speakers are essential components to any sound setup, and the ones you decide on can easily make the difference between a good performance and an unforgettable musical moment. For this reason, it only makes sense to stick with a company that has proven itself time and again to be a pro-audio leader, and that company is most definitely Cerwin-Vega.