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It would be an understatement to say that when it comes to live sound situations, Cerwin-Vega has been around the block more times than once. Representing the peak of live sound projection since 1954, Cerwin-Vega has earned themselves quite the sterling reputation amongst amateur and professional musicians, DJs and audio engineers. The reason is because Cerwin-Vega puts a great deal of passion into everything they construct. From active subwoofers and power amps to passive PA speakers and everything in between, a performer will always stay connected with their audience when Cerwin-Vega is also in attendance.

Obviously the right live sound decisions you make will boil down to what best suits your specific needs. For instance, if you're decking a smaller-sized venue, you might not need the biggest PA speaker in existence. Thankfully, Cerwin-Vega has something for every application, and if it is something more compact that you're after, then turn your attention to the CVi-122M 12" Passive Portable PA Speaker. For decades, Cerwin-Vega passive PA systems have been a go-to choice for live music events, and this model is a perfect example of their dedication to staying on the cutting-edge of speaker designs, while still paying homage to what made their past speakers so great. Lightweight and powerful, the CVi0122M can be used as both a monitor and a main loudspeaker, and its rugged construction ensures it will hold up for many performances to come.

Or, perhaps you're after a subwoofer that delivers a massive amount of output. If so, then you need to check out the CVA-121 21" Active Subwoofer. Cerwin-Vega is well-known for the incredible low-frequency response of their subwoofers, and this one will have dance floors feeling like an earthquake. Boasting a 21" driver that uses Cerwin-Vega's legendary Stroker three spider technology, this subwoofer has built-in amplification, a cast-aluminum grille, 1200 watts of output, and 2400 watt peaks. For DJs who want to make a name for themselves on the club scene, the CVA-121 may just be your ticket to stardom.

It doesn't matter if you're a veteran audio engineer, an amateur musician, or a professional DJ, the simple truth is that if you have a yearning to entertain others, you automatically warrant live sound equipment that lets you showcase your greatest level of potential. For this reason, you deserve live sound gear from Cerwin-Vega, and feel free to explore every one of their options.