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Like most groups of instruments, the trumpet family has a long and colorful history that's given rise to all the various horns which call it home today. Naturally, that includes the cornet! Despite being a humble and unassuming instrument, all things considered, it plays a significant role in any orchestra or marching band. And when you're playing at the expert level, it makes total sense to want one of these professional Bb cornets at your side. Designed and built to meet the standards of world-class players, these instruments are like the "who's who" of the Bb cornet world. Best of all, there are plenty of different options for metals, finishes, design and more - so you can get a horn that's all your own.

The first step to picking out any new instrument is to decide on the qualities you're looking for and, of course, to set yourself a budget. You don't have to feel held back by that budget - if there's one thing that this lineup of professional Bb cornets goes to show, it's that you can find a lot of variety without having to climb to a price tag too steep. For example, check out the Getzen 800 and 800L Eterna Series Bb Cornets, the Getzen 3850 Custom Series Bb Cornet and the Kanstul 1530 and 1531 Series Bb Cornets. Any of these instruments will go easy on the pocketbook, and all in all, they're a pretty diverse range of options.

If you're looking for professional Bb cornets that go the extra mile to distinguish themselves (maybe so you can use them to do the same), there are definitely a few standouts to look into. One of these is the Besson BE928 Sovereign Series Bb Cornet, featuring a rose brass bell that produces impressive depth and darkness in its tone, blending flawlessly at any volume. Another would be the B&S CX X-Series Bb Cornet with Interchangeable Bells, which includes 5.31-inch and 4.921-inch flares right out of the box for your customizing pleasure.

The cornet may be derived from the trumpet, but on your way to the professional playing level, you've certainly experienced firsthand how different it really is. The cornet has done a lot to set itself apart from its bigger brother, and the professional Bb cornets in this section have gone one step further by standing out even among other cornets. So don't hesitate to add one to your collection - it might be the best next step for your musical career to take.