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Professional Double Horns

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It took a lot of development for French horns to get where they are today - and their history is a great case study for the power of compromise. F horns were the first version to be widely adopted, but they came with the drawback of accuracy issues above third-space C. An effort to cure that problem produced the Bb horn, which was a capable instrument in its own right but struggled through the lower and middle registers. Clearly, the best solution would be a French horn that combined the F horn's lower-end with the Bb horn's upper-end, and thus, the double horn was created. Today, professional double horns like these are the state of the art for French horns as a whole.

As these are professional-quality instruments, you'll find that any of the double horns in this section are more than ready for the most demanding band and orchestral settings. With that said, there are still some differences between them that might help in deciding which model is the best horn for your needs. For instance, if you prefer a traditional bell, the Conn 9D CONNstellation Series Fixed Bell Double Horn is one suggestion to get you started. Or, if you'd rather have a detachable bell, consider options like the Holton H105 Professional French Horn or the Yamaha YHR-881D Custom Series Descant French Horn. Even by professional standards, these are world-class instruments with top-tier tone and playability.

Your French horn is sort of like an extension of your body when you're playing it, so choosing the best fit for your preferences and playing style can be a bit of a daunting task. The good news is that this selection of professional horns offers enough variety to match every musician with the right instrument, and all you need to do is narrow down your options until you find that ideal one. Use the built-in filters on the site to help, and that could be a faster process than you think!