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Seagull S6 acoustic guitars are award-winning, pro-level instruments boasting a number of innovative features, and offer an incredible value for anyone looking for a quality guitar at a very affordable price. The Seagull Company is a subsidiary of Godin Guitars, along with sister brand La Patrie's classical guitars, and specializes in producing high-quality, affordable acoustic guitars with solid wood tops, as opposed to the laminated tops often found on similarly-priced instruments. Entirely crafted in North America in the Canadian province of Quebec, the Seagull S6 model perhaps best embodies the company's philosophy of combining affordable, hand-crafted quality with innovative design and construction methods. Targeted towards working musicians, the S6 line boasts quality features like pressure-tested solid tops, integrated set necks, dual-function truss rods, a specially-designed headstock, and a custom polish finish that makes these guitars stand out from the competition, and compare favorably with instruments costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars more. For instance, pressure-testing the solid spruce or cedar tops ensures that they are both strong and rigid enough to withstand the stresses of the strings when tuned to pitch and played hard, yet flexible enough to vibrate freely and deliver a rich, resonant tone across a wide sonic spectrum. The top itself features a compound curve, as opposed to the all-flat tops found on most dreadnought guitars. The top is flat around the bridge, for maximum flexibility, and then curves slightly with a gentle arch under the fingerboard, to provide more structural integrity and allow for thinner, lighter bracing, while still maintaining a full, rich tone. The bracing material is crafted from quarter-sawn Adirondack spruce which is carved and scalloped to conform to the curvature of the top, again offering the best combination of strength and light weight to maximize stability and tone. The integrated set neck and body joint are precisely machine-sanded together and mated at the perfect neck angle without the need for glue or shims, so there is a clean wood-to-wood connection, with nothing to impede the transfer of vibrational energy. Along with these innovations, the S6 also features a dual-function truss rod, a distinctive headstock design that provides a straighter line from the nut to the tuning peg for straight string pull and improved tuning stability, and a very thin, highly durable custom polish finish which allows the guitar to breathe and vibrate freely, and improve tonally with age. The Seagull S6 is offered in several variations, including the Original Series, featuring a back and sides of triple-layered Wild Cherry wood; the Coastline Series, with a darker stain for the Cherry wood back and sides; and the Entourage Series, sporting a variety of eye-catching custom finishes and an elegant cream double binding. Most models are available in right- or left-handed configurations, with or without cutaways; and the acoustic-electric models boast top-quality electronics like the Godin EPM Quantum system, which has been specifically voiced to complement the lush tonalities of the instrument. When you add it all up, the Seagull S6 acoustic guitar is a masterpiece of form and function, made in North America, and offered at an import price. Order yours today and take flight!