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One of the higher-register sax varieties, the soprano saxophone has a note range that can be compared to the standard B-flat clarinet, but it has a stronger presence, especially in the higher end. Although it's primary use is as a solo instrument or as part of a chamber ensemble for playing a classical repertoire, the soprano saxophone is an integral part of a saxophone quartet. It can even be used in concert bands and orchestras, and has been adopted by many great jazz musicians as well. Whatever your performance goals, there's an instrument to help you reach them.

For a student or hobbyist, an Allora AASS-301 Series Student Soprano Saxophone is a great place to start. It's accessible while still offering professional-style key work, lacquered brass body and neck construction and an adjustable thumb rest. It even comes with a wood frame case, mouthpiece, ligature and cap, perfect for getting anyone started.

If you're looking to step up to your second instrument or prefer the feel of the traditional sax shape, you won't go wrong with the Allora Vienna Series Intermediate Curved Soprano Saxophone. The familiar shape can feel more natural for alto or tenor sax players looking for a secondary instrument, and the lacquered brass bell and keys in addition to the body and neck make this a more serious instrument. The engraved floral details are also a nice touch to add style to live performances.

A truly talented instrumentalist searching for a professional saxophone, however, is sure to be blown away by the Yanagisawa SC9937 Curved Soprano. Featuring gorgeous, hand-engraved stainless steel construction, this instrument is ergonomically designed with indented white shell keys for your playing ease and comfort. To top it off, the airtight, waterproof pads and blue steel springs ensure resiliency and a long life.

You may be simply looking for a secondary instrument to noodle around with in your spare time. Or, you might be in the market for a finely-crafted sax to perform Strauss' Sinfonia Domestica with your large orchestral ensemble. Either way, you'll find the perfect soprano saxophone here.