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When most people think of the saxophone family, their first thoughts usually go to the alto and tenor variations. Though certainly less widely popular, the soprano saxophone is much-loved by those who play it for its range and distinctive tone. Although it is comparable to the clarinet in terms of register, the soprano sax is able to produce stronger high notes, making it ideal for delivering greater presence in higher-ranged melodies. Like any other instrument, there are numerous makes to choose from; Yamaha, one of the most recognized brands in music, offers saxophones that are well-respected by the music community as well as accessible.

Yamaha has a selection with options for every level of player. The Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone, for example, is a great instrument for students and those looking for a secondary on-stage instrument. It features a custom style spatula for comfort and to help with correct technique, as well as a vent tube to decrease lower vent key noise. This sax is a great option for people just learning their craft right through to semi-professionals.

Someone looking to step up to truly stunning sound, though, will want to take a look at the Yamaha Custom YSS-82Z Series Professional Soprano Saxophone with Straight Neck. Featuring a body crafted from brass alloy, this sax boasts a lighter weight, greater tonal flexibility, and has high F-sharp and front F auxiliary keys for convenience. It even has mother of pearl keys and hand-engraved bell details for a gorgeous, stage worthy appearance.

If, however, you come from an alto, tenor or baritone saxophone background, an option like the Yamaha Custom YSS-82Z Series Professional Soprano Saxophone with Curved Neck may be the way to go. Players looking to pick up the soprano sax after playing other saxophone variations are more familiar with the neck shape and find it more ergonomic and comfortable to play, but other differences include the ability to use a neck strap and subtle tonal coloration.

In the end, choosing the right soprano saxophone for you comes down to personal preference. And whether you're playing classical solo or chamber pieces, orchestral works or even jazz standards, Musician's Friend's selection of Yamaha soprano saxophones is sure to contain the ideal instrument for the job.