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There's nothing complex about a stage monitor's job. It's right there in the name, after all: they're for monitoring yourself on the stage. But as simple as that may sound, it's also a very important task. Making sure that you sound great from lights-up to curtain-call is one of the basic ingredients to putting on a memorable show, and stage monitors are the way to do that. Although stage monitors seem like basic equipment, their role is important enough that high-quality cabinets are a must... and that's the perfect reason to look into Yamaha stage monitors. With expertise as deep as Yamaha's, you'll know you're getting a monitor that you can count on.

Like so many other things on your musical shopping list, the right choice in Yamaha stage monitors will be at a sweet spot that balances your budget, venue, and musical style to give the best overall fit. If your needs are modest, you can get a great deal from cabinets like the BR12M 12" 2-Way Monitor or its bigger brother, the Yamaha BR15M 15" 2-Way Monitor. These deliver solid performance without overstretching a tight budget.

On the other hand, if you're a club manager, performer or DJ looking for some purpose-built stage monitors to please your most discerning live talent, your best bets could be the CM15V 15" 2-Way Club Monitor Pair, CM10V 10" 2-Way Club Concert Series Monitor or SM12V Club Series V Monitor. Making the choice between cabinets like these will depend on the band (a single monitor is fine for a solo performer, but bigger acts would benefit from the pair). It also depends on the size of the venue itself: 10" drivers are more than enough for a small club, while bigger locations will call for the 12" or 15" cabinets.

These are some of the key things to think about, but there are lots of other variables that will affect your choices. Ultimately, no one knows your needs better than you do yourself, so it's worth the effort to take a close look at all of Yamaha's stage monitors to figure out which cabinet or set will be just right for your specific situation. Choose carefully and you'll definitely be glad that you did!