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Student Piccolos

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The piccolo may look like just a miniature flute at first glance, but there are actually a lot of differences between the two instruments apart from size alone. They're both members of the flute family, of course, but they diverged pretty sharply in the 1800s when flutes largely switched from wooden to metal construction. Wood was still considered the best material for piccolos, so they stayed the course and for the most part have done so right up to the present day - and most of the exceptions are accounted for here in this lineup of student piccolos. With these models, a plastic resin body is actually the order of the day.

But why plastic for an instrument that's traditionally made of wood? The answer is simple: low maintenance and high reliability. For a beginner who doesn't want to have to make a second career of instrument care, plastic resin is something like a dream material. It can sound very close to the tone produced by a wooden instrument, but is much more affordable and it will never crack or warp. It only needs the most basic of care, so it's a total cinch to keep an instrument like the Jupiter 303S Piccolo or the Bundy BPC-300 Piccolo sounding its absolute best. Although if you are looking for a different material, you're not out of luck either - for instance, Jupiter 301S Student Piccolo is one of the most popular beginner models on the planet, with a silver-plated body that delivers excellent projection and durability.

That's student piccolos in a nutshell - built tough to withstand the rigors of student use and frequent practice, based on designs that are easy to play and even easier to maintain. Without having to devote too much effort to taking care of your instrument, you'll have more freedom to focus on what's truly important: developing your skills and working on becoming the best musician you can be. And then, when it's time to step up to an intermediate or even professional model, you'll have a great foundation to build on.