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When it comes to audio equipment, Beyerdynamic is a name that's respected amongst sound engineers from around the world, and their headphones are considered by many in the industry to be the finest. Through a dedicated team of passionate audiophiles, Beyerdynamic is always thinking of new and innovative ways to make your listening experience more enjoyable. Whether you're mixing down tracks late at night or simply critiquing a finished project, you can bet that a set Beyerdynamic studio headphones will provide you with the clarity you deserve.

As any experienced audio engineer will tell you, no studio is complete without a set of quality headphones. For one, headphones need to be worn by musicians who are recording their instruments, so they can hear what they're playing clearly and without any interruptions. Secondly, and as mentioned earlier, you might have to do your mixing on headphones, especially if you're travelling with a mobile rig, or if you live in a residential area and need to mix in the wee hours. Thankfully, Beyerdynamic completely understands how essential headphones are to your setup, so with that in mind, let's take a look at some options.

Beyerdynamic studio headphones have a reputation for their versatility, and the DT 770 Pro-80 closed back pair is a perfect example. Containing bass reflex technology and clinically accurate high and mid-range reproduction, these studio headphones are just what you need to bring your projects to a professional level. Beyerdynamic also constructs models for drummers, and the DT 770 M monitoring headphones feature incredible ambient noise attenuation and extended frequency range for a realistic and dynamic sound. Additionally, this set also has a single-sided cable with volume control, and they fit comfortably and securely for those long-winded sessions that require many takes.

As you can see, Beyerdynamic has your studio headphone needs covered, so be sure to check out their other choices as well. Whatever you choose from Beyerdynamic, you can take comfort in knowing that the decision you've made was an excellent one.