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About TC Helicon:

With so much instrument-specific gear out there, it's easy to feel left out of the loop as a vocalist. Thankfully, the reality is that all you need to do is to look in the right place. With TC Helicon, getting ready for the stage is a cinch. This Canadian company is the vocal-devoted arm of Denmark's TC Electronic, and their lineup of effects pedals, microphones, monitors and other devices puts an incredible number of tools at your disposal to make your voice really shine during live performances and studio sessions alike.

By focusing directly on vocals, TC Helicon has really been able to set the standard on what singers can expect from their equipment. The quality of their electronics has been recognized by an impressive roster of artists who use them, including the likes of Imogen Heap, George Michael, Depeche Mode and Queens of the Stone Age, to name a few. Any genre you can think of is certain to have its fair share of vocalists accompanied on-stage by TC Helicon.

One of the realities of singing is that we have to rely on microphones, and that means dealing with challenges like feedback, errors, delays and pitch variance. The good news is that TC Helicon can arm you to take those sorts of things in stride with devices like the VoiceTone Correct, which weeds out feedback and provides pitch correction to clean up the sound coming in from your mic. That pedal is almost like having a vocal coach and sound engineer in a box, and it's just scratching the surface of what TC Helicon has to offer.

Something that's every bit as important as refining your sound is hearing the results and making sure that the vocals are coming through just the way you want them. For that, the solution is a good monitor, and TC Helicon shines once again with the VoiceSolo FX150 Personal PA & Monitor. This full-range speaker is just the thing for keeping an ear on your mic during gigs - and it's even designed to sit on your microphone stand, right where you can reach it.

Nearly every instrument has its own purpose-built effects and accessories, and it's nice to know that with TC Helicon, that remains true even when the instrument is your own voice. No singer should be without a solid kit of high-quality gear to back them up onstage, and that's just what you can get from TC Helicon.