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Tenor Saxophone Reeds

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Although reeds are small in size, their role in the resulting sound of a woodwind instrument is enormous. For this reason, it's important for any woodwind instrumentalist to choose a reed that's comfortable to play and matches their tastes in terms of sound quality. Of course, this applies to tenor saxophonists as well, and this selection of tenor saxophone reeds is loaded with choices for beginners and professionals alike. From Rico to Vandoren to Legere, only the best reed brands are offered here.

Before choosing a tenor saxophone reed, you'll need to decide on a reed strength. Typically, reeds are numbered from 1 to 5 (soft to hard): on the softer side of the spectrum, reeds are easier to play and deliver a brighter tone with less resistance. The harder a reed is, its resistance will increase and its tone will become darker. Another factor to consider is how many reeds you want in a pack. This section offers individual tenor saxophone reeds as well as sets of 5, 10 and even 25. If you burn through reeds quickly, opting for a set of multiple reeds is your best option. Check out top-rated packs like the Rico Royal Tenor Saxophone Reeds, Box of 10 or the best-selling Vandoren V21 Tenor Saxophone Reeds, Box of 5.

It also should be noted that some tenor saxophone reeds are made of cane while others are crafted from a synthetic material. For a cane reed that will provide a huge upgrade to your sound, turn your attention to the Zonda Supreme Tenor Saxophone Reed. These reeds were carefully cut from the finest high modal Argentinean cane; they boast thin tips on thick blanks for superior vibration and their consistency is nothing short of top-notch. As for synthetic reeds, we'll suggest the Rico Plasticover Tenor Saxophone Reeds. Designed to resist changes in moisture and climate, this reed is ideal for outdoor performances and its durable coating helps to produce a clear tone and excellent projection.

With all this being said, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to tenor saxophone reeds. Like music tastes, it's all subjective, so it's really in your best interest to try out many different reed types - in fact, that in itself can be a lot of fun. Just remember that when it's time for a new tenor saxophone reed, this is a catalog that you can always count on for a wide range of choices.