The French synth manufacturer announces MicroFreak, an inspiring hybrid synth that blends the best of analog and digital design

Arturia, has introduced their latest hardware synth, MicroFreak. Equally appealing to beginners or enthusiasts, MicroFreak delivers fun and unique sound in a slim, portable package.

Digital Oscillator Meet Analog Filter

MicroFreak is a hybrid synthesizer, combining the best of analog and digital technologies. The oscillator at the heart of MicroFreak’s engine is capable of 11 different forms of sound generation, including physical modeling, wavetable synthesis, virtual analog and more. One of these 11 is the open-source Plaits engine, created by Mutable Instruments. To have this range of technologies stuffed into one affordable synth is quite rare, and it will introduce deep and exciting forms of sound design to a fresh audience.

Looking to add some analog warmth and aggressiveness, Arturia has implemented a 12dB-Oberheim SEM-inspired filter. In addition to a wide, aggressive sweep, the filter is also capable of self-oscillation, adding another fun sound design option.

MicroFreak can operate in monophonic or paraphonic mode (with up to 4 voices).

MicroFreak's Mod Matrix, Arpeggiator and Sequencer

For even more sound design choices, MicroFreak has an on-board mod matrix, allowing you to virtually patch between various sections of your synth. This patchability will allow you to add unique, moving modulations to things such as Pitch, Cutoff, Timbre and more.

MicroFreak’s advanced sequencer and arpeggiator add another dimension of expression. The arpeggiator features Up, Order, Random and Pattern modes while the Spice and Dice Gate randomizers add a quirky, unpredictable touch to keep your sound ever-changing. The 64-step sequencer allows you to store 2 unique patterns per preset with 4 automation tracks per preset.

MicroFreak features a striking touch plate keyboard interface capable of polyphonic as well as the ability to detect pressure sensitivity. This will provide a different level of expressiveness than you’ll find in most synths at this price point.

Connecting MicroFreak to Other Gear

So, how do you connect MicroFreak to other synths and computers?  MicroFreak has a wide assortment of connections including CV/Gate: Pitch Out, Gate Out, Pressure Out, Clock In/Out, MIDI In/Out and USB.

Arturia MicroFreak Rear Panel Connections

In all, MicroFreak is an exciting new synth full of bold, unique sound generation options combined with a fresh, eminently playable touch plate interface. It’s fun sounds, intuitive layout and striking looks will undoubtedly keep you coming back to play it every day.

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