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  • Michael Brauer is known for his set of multi-bus compression techniques (a.k.a. Brauerizing) to drive more emotion and low-end into a song. We talked with him about how he developed this methodology, the changes he’s seen over his career, and why it is important to always keep evolving.
  • Neal Cappellino is known for his masterful vocal production with Nashville’s biggest artists. We chatted with him about what he does to get a great vocal performance from an artist.


From heavy-metal bangers to country twangers to EDM mix wizards, The Hub gets up close and personal with musicians from every significant genre. We ask probing questions about their gear, their inspiration, their strategies in carving out a distinctive sound and style. We skip the fluff in seeking their perspectives about what it takes to launch and sustain a life in music. You’ll find interviews with major recording and performing artists and bands as well as profiles of new, emerging acts. Count on The Hub’s exclusive Artist Interviews for the inspiration and gear intelligence you need to make your own musical aspirations a reality.

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