Introducing the latest model from the CHAUVET DJ GigBAR Series: the GigBAR Move. It’s a 5-in-1 lighting bar that’s designed to elevate performances for DJs, mobile performers, small bands and more. When Musician’s Friend heard that the GigBAR Move has 360° rotating heads, on top of the derbies, washes, laser and strobe effect, we knew we had to get the inside scoop. To learn more about it, Musician’s Friend talked to Allan Reiss, the senior product manager for CHAUVET DJ.

The HUB: First question - who is the GigBAR Move designed for?

Allan Reiss: The GigBAR Move is for any mobile entertainer who wants to energize the dance floor or event space with a ton of light.

The HUB: What kinds of spaces and applications would it be ideal to use in?

AR: Any dull or boring space, whether it’s small or large, will surely reap the benefits of the GigBAR Move. The best applications are mobile events (such as weddings, mitzvahs, corporate/holiday parties, etc.) where the event is set up and removed the same day.

The HUB: What enhancements does the new Gig BAR Move bring to the GigBAR lineup?

AR: Moving heads! The GigBAR Move introduces two moving head spots to the mix, and each moving head has separate color and gobo wheels. You can select an automated show or program them from DMX to make them do what you want when you want it. Each moving head also has built-in “Totem mode” which keeps the mover’s position on or over the dance floor (as opposed to shining backwards behind the entertainment).

The HUB: Can it be hooked up with other CHAUVET DJ gear?

AR: If using DMX, the GigBAR Move can be connected in line with other gear. If not using DMX, it can be connected with other GigBAR Moves or GigBAR 2s.

The HUB: What are the different modes the CHAUVET DJ GigBAR Move can function in?

AR: The majority of customers will use it in stand-alone mode (whether that’s automated or sound-activated), and select customers may choose to program it by DMX to have full control of all it has to offer. The stand-alone customers have the option of choosing the included IRC remote or wireless footswitch. If buying multiple GigBAR Moves, a single remote or footswitch can control an unlimited amount with a single DMX cable connected between the units.

The HUB: How far can the various lights, heads, etc., project?

AR: Each effect has a different purpose, coverage angle and throw distance. I would place the GigBAR Move right next to the dance floor but on occasion that is not a possibility. In those situations, the unit can be as far back as 50 feet and still pack a punch.

The HUB: Where does this fit in with the larger GigBAR family of CHAUVET DJ products?

AR: The GigBAR Move will sit at the top of the food chain within the GigBAR product family because it offers the most technology out of them all. If a customer already has the GigBAR 2, it will work properly in master/slave mode with it, offering a coordinated show.

The HUB: Thanks, Allan!