EarthQuaker Devices has announced their latest pedal, Swiss Things, a utility to help get your guitar rig sorted.

Aiming for a straightforward pedalboard signal routing solution, EarthQuaker Devices has announced a new utility pedal, Swiss Things.

Described by EarthQuaker as an “all-in-one pedalboard reconciliation solution”, Swiss Things combines effects loops, AB-Y switching, a 20dB clean boost, a buffered tuner output and finally, an expression pedal output for volume control. In summation, it packs a lot of much needed utility into an incredibly compact, board-friendly pedal with all-analog signal path.  

Cory Juba goes deep on the Earthquaker's new Swiss Things Pedalboard Reconciler.

Taking a closer look, the two true-bypass effects loops in Swiss Things are Flexi-Switch enabled. First introduced into EarthQuaker’s pedals in late 2017, Flexi-Switches allow for momentary and latch functionality. Loop 1 is unbuffered, ideal for low input impedance designs found in vintage pedals and drive, fuzz and distortion designs. Loop 2 is buffered, making it ideal for time/modulation effects like reverb, delays, chorus and more. The transformer-isolated AB-Y switching also features Flexi-Switch systems, allowing you to quickly switch between distinct signal chains.

Got a tuner on your pedalboard? The Swiss Things has a buffered tuner output, isolating it from the rest of your signal chain. Why is this important? Every extra step you add to your signal chain can result in high-end signal loss. Swiss Things will keep you in tune without sacrificing your guitar’s high-end.

Want further flexibility? As mentioned, Swiss Things has a Volume EXP jack allowing you to connect an external expression pedal. This allows you to control your overall signal levels without the tonal impact that some volume pedals are known for. This volume control is located after Loop 1, so you have complete control of your levels without impacting your overall gain.

Other features like a phase switch (ideal for multi-amp setups), the aforementioned 20dB of adjustable clean boost and a high headroom output buffer make this an indispensable tool for any serious gigging guitarist. And if you weren't already convinced, Swiss Things has a low 40 mA current draw, silent relay-based switching and true bypass functionality.