When the new Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M column-style PA system arrived at Musician’s Friend, it had a lot to prove. Its larger sibling, the EVOLVE 50, had set the bar very high. The portable EVOLVE 50 impressed us with its high-quality audio. What could this more compact personal line array offer to impress us? We found that the EVOLVE 30M upholds Electro-Voice’s reputation for great sound, and adds some new, innovative features.

How is EVOLVE 30M different from the EVOLVE 50?

The obvious difference between the EVOLVE 30M and the EVOLVE 50 is size. The EVOLVE 30M stands a few inches shorter, and its subwoofer cabinet is smaller. The smaller cabinet houses a 10″ woofer. The shorter column section contains an array of six 2.8″ full-range drivers. Despite its smaller footprint, the EVOLVE 30M still packs a 1,000 Class-D amplifier. The biggest advantage the EVOLVE 30 has is the option for wireless control using the QuickSmart Mobile app, and a more robust lineup of connection options.

What is QuickSmart DSP?

QuickSmart DSP is the digital sound processing built into the EVOLVE 30M’s digital mixer. It includes four preset sound profiles for common scenarios. The profiles are: Music, Live, Speech and Club. You can also fine-tune your sound with the 3-band system EQ. When used in Mixer mode, you can take advantage of a 7-band graphic EQ for more control. You can easily navigate the QuickSmart DSP LCD control panel with single-knob control. QuickSmart DSP means you sound your best in any setting.

What sets the EVOLVE 30M apart from other personal line array systems?

Without a doubt, the EVOLVE 30M’s connectivity and wireless control make it stand out from the crowd. The built-in 8-channel digital mixer with QuickSmart DSP features built-in FX and gives you plenty of flexibility. It lets you fine-tune your sound wirelessly using the app, so you can EQ your system from the audience’s perspective. This also means that you don't have to rely on a live sound engineer to get your mix sounding great at your next show. On top of Bluetooth connectivity, there are Hi-Z and footswitch inputs.

What is the EVOLVE 30M designed for?

The Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M is designed to deliver amazing sound in a portable system that sets up in seconds. It’s great for solo artists, small bands and other performers on the go. It’s also perfect for corporate presentations where you need full-room coverage. Although it really thrives in mobile applications, The EVOLVE 30M works well for installations, such as fitness studios and smaller houses of worship.

Is the Electro-Voice EVOLVE 30M good for DJs?

Whether you’re DJing a small house party or a wedding, the EVOLVE 30M delivers solid bass, clear vocals and crisp highs. Mobile DJs will appreciate how quickly this personal line array system can be set up. For larger parties and events, you can easily link multiple EVOLVE 30M units together. This gives you even wider coverage and increased output. Wedding DJs will appreciate the flexibility of the built-in 8-channel mixer. With multiple inputs for other instruments, microphones and Bluetooth streaming, you’re ready for any situation.