Keeley Electronics, the boutique pedal manufacturer, has announced four new pedals at Winter NAMM 2019: DDR (Drive/Delay/Reverb), ECCOS Neo-Vintage Tape Delay, Fuzz Bender and Synth-1

Keeley Electronics, the Edmond, OK based pedal builder, took the 2019 Winter NAMM show by storm this year announcing four exciting new guitar pedals. These pedals include the DDR, which is an all-in one Drive, Delay and Reverb pedal, the ECCOS, a fresh new vintage-inspired delay pedal, the Fuzz Bender fuzz pedal and the Synth-1, which allows you to blend your guitar signal with aggressive synth tones.

These new pedals will be coming out one by one throughout 2019. Let’s take a closer look at each model.

We visited the Keeley Electronics booth at Winter NAMM 2019 for an in-depth demo with founder Robert Keeley.

Keeley Electronics DDR Drive Delay Reverb

If you’re looking for one pedal to take care of your basic tonal needs, take a moment to consider Keeley’s DDR.

The DDR’s DRIVE section provides two different styles of OD to choose from, Crunch or Lead. In the DRIVE section you can choose between two styles of OD: Crunch or Lead. Keeley describes the Crunch Style as a “gritty British tube-amp combo sound” while the Lead Style evokes a “warm and dark, mid-pushed overdrive”.

Moving to the WET section you can choose between modern or vintage voiced Reverb or Delay. The Vintage/Modern Switch provides for an Analog or Digital delay or a Spring or Plate for reverb.

DDR also features an effects loop so that you can insert your effects of choice between the Drive and Wet sections.

Keeley Electronics ECCOS New-Vintage Tape Delay

Keeley’s new ECCOS is an incredibly versatile delay pedal that provides a more modern delay that puts out pristine repeats, or a more vintage-inspired delay that adds tape-flanged trails on your guitar.

ECCOS is built on a high-fidelity, 24-bit DP platform with stereo in and out, presets, remote-switchability and expression control.

Keeley Electronics Fuzz Bender

Keeley’s exciting new Fuzz Bender is built on a three transistor platform, taking advantage of the aggressive, high-gain qualities of silicon transistors and the tamer (although still aggressive) germanium transistors. An active EQ section provides plenty of sound sculpting freedom with a more than 20dB of boost available at both 100Hz and at 10KHz. The Fuzz Bender’s Gate Control adds a bit of unpredictable glitchiness to your sound, evoking the signature sound of a dying 9-volt battery.

Keeley Electronics Synth-1

Keeley’s last new pedal is the Synth-1. Synth-1 allows you to create aggressive, fuzzed-out synth waves that’ll slap you in the face. The single-note generator has a Filter Control, allowing you to adjust the overall tone and aggressive “in your face” qualities of the synth wave. Looking to adjust the swell of the Synth-1? Simply adjust the Attack knob. The Blend control allows you to find the sweet spot between your guitar’s natural tone and that of the pedal.  

Finally, if you want real-time control without having to kneel down or bend over, connect an expression pedal, adding real time control to your Filter, not unlike a wah-wah pedal.

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