After many years of requests from Volca owners, Korg has introduced Volca Mix, a four-channel analog mixer designed to help you construct a live setup based around multiple Volca units.  

Originally introduced in 2013, Korg’s Volca series includes a variety of portable, affordable grooveboxes, including the extremely popular Volca Keys, Volca Bass and Volca Beats. The new Volca Mix offers a variety of features designed to help you maximize your Volca-centric setup, with on-board effects, individual faders and filters, master sync output and more.

The Mixer Section

At its heart, Volca Mix is a 4-channel analog mixer with two mono inputs and one stereo input, allowing for easy connection of three Volca units. Since the inputs are 1/8” mini-jacks, you can come direct out of the headphone jacks on each Volca.

Channel volume is controlled via three individual vertical faders, each with its own Mute button. Each channel comes with a LO/HI CUT filter, providing control of low and high frequency ranges with a single knob.

The Output Section

Moving to the output section, Volca Mix features RCA stereo line outputs, a master volume with LED VU meter and a headphone output. The headphone output can be used in parallel with the line output, allowing you to monitor your mix while you’re performing on-stage. And if you’re looking to go portable in your production or performance, there are compact stereo speakers built into the unit.

On-Board Effects and More

Volca Mix is equipped with two master on-board effects, Width and Dynamics. Width is a stereo width expander, helpful for giving some space to your mix (particularly when using mono sources), while Dynamics is an analog dynamic range compressor, designed to tamp down on your high-frequency range based on the level changes of your low-frequency range.

Looking to use external effects? Volca Mix has a stereo 1/8” output jack and an AUX In, allowing you to send your signal to an external processor, and then bring it back in to add a little life to your mix. Each channel has a dedicated Send knob, so you can control how much of each channel should be sent out.

Syncing and Powering Your Korg Gear

Given that that you’ll likely be using Volca Mix with multiple Volca devices, Korg included two extremely helpful features. First, Volca Mix includes an analog Sync Out, so you can use it as your master device. With a dedicated play button and tempo knob you can use Volca Mix to sync up your sequences across multiple devices.

Volca Mix includes three VOLCA DC OUT jacks, allowing you to power up to three external Volca devices simultaneously. Since it ships with its own AC adapter and three DC-DC cables, you won’t need to worry about bringing any additional adapters with you to your gig.

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