Martin has introduced their new Modern Deluxe acoustic guitar family, taking a fresh approach to their Vintage Series.

Martin’s new Modern Deluxe acoustic guitar family is a fresh take on the Martin Vintage Series, combining classic Martin designs with the latest advancements to come out of their Nazareth, PA headquarters. The family includes four models: 000-28 Modern Deluxe, D-18 Modern Deluxe, D-28 Modern Deluxe and the OM-28 Modern Deluxe.

Each guitar in the Modern Deluxe blends vintage appointments with modern updates. To start, the Modern Deluxe family features Sitka spruce Vintage Tone System tops. They also feature VTS Adirondack Spruce bracing. Martin’s VTS, introduced in 2015, is their own form of torrefaction, a process which allows Martin to recreate the sonic qualities of vintage instruments. So, how does Martin do it exactly? From Martin’s website: Torrefaction is a thermochemical treatment of wood at very high temperatures. The process is carried out under atmospheric pressure and in the absence of oxygen. During the process, water contained in the wood is released, and the biopolymers (cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin) decompose, leaving behind the remaining solid, dry, and much more stable wood material. While natural aging is different, there are many similarities between the two and the end results are similar as well.”

The Modern Deluxe's 18-series guitars feature mahogany back and sides with East Indian rosewood binding. The 28-series guitars feature East Indian rosewood back and sides with European flamed maple binding. Additional vintage appointments in the Modern Deluxe family include a dovetail neck joint and natural protein glue construction. These stunning guitars also feature premium gold frets and open-gear tuners, as well as a pearl-inlaid 1930s style script logo on the headstock.

The Modern Deluxe family also features a host of modern innovations, some of which have only been found in extremely small-run Custom Shop guitars.

First, is a two-way titanium truss rod, weighing approximately 64% less than a typical truss rod design. This results in a more balanced feeling guitar, with a significant amount of weight removed from the neck. While we’re on the topic of the neck, these guitars feature a new, slightly skewed neck design, providing maximum playing comfort up and down the ebony fingerboard.

Other modern features include Liquidmetal® bridge pins with red dots. Made of a titanium alloy, Martin states that these new bridge pins deliver more volume and an increase in sustain. Further volume is added by the carbon fiber bridgeplate.

In all, the Martin Modern Deluxe combines classic Martin features with ultra-modern updates. What results are full-bodied, comfortable, light-weight acoustic guitars that project vintage Martin sound. 

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