Welcome the DDJ-1000, the latest in DJ gear from Pioneer. This brand new DJ controller is designed for dedicated use with Pioneer’s proprietary software, Rekordbox. This controller comes in two deck format, with full-size jog-wheels,  4-channel club-mixer, all new FX and classic Pioneer multi-colored performance pads. Though lightweight at just 13.2 lb., the DDJ-1000 boasts a rugged design built for gigs.

Key Features

In addition to a familiar club-style layout, reminiscent of the CDJ and DJM flagship line, the Pioneer DDJ-1000 includes a customizable, LCD screen in the middle of each jog-wheel. These displays can show waveforms, BPM, cue points and more. This is a great feature for DJs that are tired of staring at their laptops during performances.

The DDJ-1000 includes a premium MAGVEL FADER, which is designed to perform for more than 10 million movements. It also features refined software processing for less latency on the jog-wheels and fader. Additionally, Pioneer has developed  brand new on-board FX. The new Beat FX includes the Enigma Jet, Mobius Saw, Mobius Triangle and Low Cut Echo. Furthermore, the DDJ-1000 introduces Keyboard Mode to the performance pads. Keyboard Mode  allows DJs and Producers to create musical phrases right on the spot. As compared to other products, features such as these will empower the modern musician to push their creative boundaries.

Hooking Up Your Gear with DDJ-1000

The rear-panel on the DDJ-1000 includes four inputs for connecting external gear such as  a pair of CDJs or analog turntables. DDJ-1000 also offers two XLR Master Outputs, and dual ¼” Booth Outs. DDJ-1000 also offers two Microphone inputs for DJs who vocally interact with the crowd. Finally, the DDJ-1000 has two headphone outputs on the front panel of the unit, for both ¼” and 1/8” jacks.

Who Should Buy the DDJ-1000?

The DDJ-1000 is a great controller for DJs who are looking to step out of the bedroom and start gigging. Whether you’re playing house parties, weddings, or in professional venues, the DDJ-1000 is ready for the gig. Reliability and build quality have long been associated with the Pioneer brand, and the DDJ-1000 continues this tradition.

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