Announced in November of 2017, Ableton Live 10 introduces brand new devices, improved workflow, a revamped library, and better integration with the Push 2 hardware. Noteworthy new features include Wavetable, Echo, Drum Buss and Pedal. In addition to new software features, the updates to Ableton Live 10 further enhance the capabilities of the flagship Push 2 software controller through step-sequencing, MIDI Note View, and graphic visualization.

What's New in Ableton 10


Wavetable is a new software synthesizer designed by Ableton. Wavetable allows users to shape, stretch and morph sounds using wavetables derived from analog synths and other instruments. Whether you are new to synthesis or more of an advanced sound designer, Wavetable provides rich sound and design capabilities, all within an intuitive interface.


Echo is a new native plug-in that merges classic analog and digital hardware delays into a single effect. Echo allows you to mold your sounds with analog-modeled filters, modulation, reverb, and vintage imperfections. This allows for unique and limitless creativity, adding plenty of unique personality to your sound.

Drum Buss

Drum Buss is a new workstation for drums designed for customizing your breaks by adding warmth, distortion, crunch, and drive. This intuitive drum tool allows you to create unique sounding drums by controlling dynamics and transient shaping.


Pedal provides guitarists who use Ableton with circuit-level models of distortion, fuzz, and overdrive pedals. Emulating the characteristics of analog stomp boxes, the Pedal effect is great for guitar, vocals, synths, and any other instrument you can think of!

Updates for Push 2

One of the biggest improvements in Live 10 comes in the form of enhanced integration with the powerful Push 2 controller. In particular, Push 2 now allows producers to simultaneously sequence notes within the pad layout. The top half of the pads on the controller surface become a step-sequencer, while the bottom half allows you to play notes and chords in real time.

In addition to the melodic step sequencing, Live 10 updates Push 2 with MIDI Note View. This feature is allows you to navigate and adjust the notes in a given pattern, directly on the Push 2 display screen.

Furthermore, the updates in Live 10 provide Push 2 users with graphic visualization on the hardware itself. This feature allows musicians to manipulate effects parameters directly on the controller surface without having to look at the computer.

Who Should Buy Ableton Live 10?

The Ableton Live 10 update is for musicians who are on a continual quest of evolving their sound and improving their workflow. Though the Ableton software has historically been a favorite among electronic musicians, the DAW has gained popularity in the Lo-Fi Hip Hop and experimental rock communities!

Ableton Live 10 is available in three different editions: Intro, Standard and the full Suite

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