Just ahead of the Winter NAMM Show, our friends at Walrus Audio announced Fathom, a brand-new reverb pedal featuring four unique reverb algorithms: Hall, Plate, Lo-Fi and Sonar. While the Hall and Plate settings are fairly straightforward offerings, Lo-Fi and Sonar are a little more uniquely Walrus. 

Check out the video below for a deep dive with Walrus Audio's Colt Westbrook, including a demo of the Sonar setting. 

Outside of the algorithm select, Fathom includes four knobs for tailoring your sound. Fathom features two standard reverb controls, Decay (aka, Time) and Mix (Wet/Dry). Additionally, there is a Dampen knob (for taming high frequencies) and an X knob for adjusting parameters unique to the chosen algorithm. There is a also a modulation switch, offering three different levels of modulation for your reverb. Finally, there is a Sustain footswitch, which allows you to momentarily increase the reverb time to near infinite levels. This feature is incredibly responsive, making it a great tool for adding a bit of dynamics to your performance. 

Fathom also offers smart bypass switching and top-mounted power and I/O jacks, making it especially pedal board friendly.

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