The boutique pedal builder has announced Lillian, a new multi-stage phaser

Oklahoma City-based manufacturer Walrus Audio has introduced Lillian, an all-analog, true bypass multi-stage phaser pedal designed to add warmth and movement to your sound. 

Lillian offers guitarists the choice of 4 or 6-stage phasing. So, how do 4-stage phasing and 6-stage phasing sound different? Walrus describes their 4-stage phasing circuit as having a “warm and tight phasing” whereas the 6-stage phasing circuit has a “more complex filtered sound”.

We stopped by the Walrus Audio booth at Winter NAMM 2019 to take a closer look at their new Lillian Analog Phaser.

Lillian features a control layout inspired by Walrus’ Chorus/Vibrato pedal, the Julia. Available controls include Width, Feedback and D-P-V blend. The D-P-V knob allows you to switch between dry, phase shifted and vibrato sounds.

Designed with pedal boards in mind, the Lillian has top mounted input, output, and power jacks as well as soft switch relay bypassing.

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