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What do you think of when you think about Italy? Okay, you're a musician, so probably pizza... but after that, chances are pretty good that you think of supercars. And that's the right train of thought to be in when it comes to DV Mark tube guitar amplifier heads. That's because they're designed with a philosophy surprisingly like an Italian supercar: pack as much power into the chassis as possible, and try to keep the weight to a minimum. The result is a series of amplifier heads that are lighter than the average tube amp, but deliver astounding power levels that can put the competition to shame.

For an example of DV Mark's design language at work, just check out the 2012 Triple 6 Tube Guitar Amp Head. Delivering an immense 120W of power, this behemoth still manages to be portable enough for gigging. It's also loaded with controls, giving you a three-band EQ and separate gain and presence settings for each channel. Those adjustments make it easy to tweak the 2012 Triple 6 to play nicely with any effects units you care you use with it.

Of course, the 2012 Triple 6 is also designed for the metal-est of metalheads. If you're searching for something a little bit better-behaved for classic rock, or virtually any style for that matter, then one of DV Mark's other heads may be the way to go. There's the Maragold Greg Howe Signature 40W All Tube Guitar Head, for instance, which offers two channels: one for clean, pure tone and another for mild to heavy distortion. You can also take a look at the Little 40 II 40W All-Tube Guitar Head or the DV 403 CPC 3-Channel Tube Guitar Amp Head, which features MIDI support for added versatility.

No matter which model turns out to be the right choice for you, you're always making a great decision when you go with DV Mark tube guitar amplifier heads. These just might be the best pieces of engineering to come out of Italy since the supercars they're so easily compared to... and, of course, DV Mark's accompanying line of speaker cabinets, which are definitely worth considering to give your new DV Mark amp head the voice that it deserves.