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Tuning has been what Peterson does best for over 60 years. Throughout this time, Peterson has continued to research and develop tuners that cater to nearly every corner of the music industry. By building tuners that are unlike any others on the market, Peterson continues to set the standard when it comes to ensuring your instrument sounds its absolute best.  What sets Peterson tuners apart from the competition is their use of strobe tuning technology. Think of it this way: if other tuners are standard definition, strobe tuners are stunning high definition, allowing you to get closer than ever to the ideal, pitch perfect tune. Just how impressive are Peterson tuners? Well, consider this. Between any two given semitones there are 100 cents (most of which are not picked up by standard tuners). Not only do Peterson tuners pick up these cents, they offer a 1/10th of a cent tuning resolution, providing the highest indication of being ""in tune"" available.

Basically, what this means is that regardless of the tuner you choose, you're going to be seriously impressed with your results. So really, your choice simply comes down to personal preference. One of our top rated Peterson tuners is the VSS-C Stomp Classic Strobotuner Pedal Tuner. This tuner is not limited to standard electric guitars, in fact, it will also help you make your 7-string guitars, electric violin, and mandolin-family instruments sound better than ever. With an extremely bright LCD screen, this tuner is easy to read in any environment, making it a must have for musicians who are playing in different venues every night of the week.

Another best-selling tuner is the StroboClip SC-1 Clip-On Strobe Tuner. This small, yet powerful tuner is great for tuning nearly any string or wind instrument. With a smooth, real time display and drop/capo settings, this tuner is a great addition to the gig bag of any practical musician.

Whatever your needs, there is a Peterson tuner here that is ideal for you. When you need nothing short of flawless tuning, you need a Peterson tuner to ensure the job is done right.