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Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Whether you're looking for a simple solution for a hardware compatibility problem or something to help you stay in tune or keep the rhythm, Peterson has an accessory to make it easy. Peterson has been creating some of the music industry's most trusted accessories for hobbyists, techs and performing pros for almost 60 years. From tuners and metronomes to adapters, pickups, cases and chargers, Peterson is a solid choice to make your practices and performances easier and more fun.

Are you an Apple user looking to make your iPhone or iPod compatible with your gear? If so, the Peterson 3.5mm - 1/4in iPhone/iTouch Adapter Cable is an easy solution. Simply plug one end of this handy adapter into your headphone jack and the other into your mic, instrument or pickup to tune with an app on your device. It's perfect for keeping in your gig bag for tuning before shows and on the road.

For keeping track of the beat, check out the Peterson BodyBeat Sync BBS-1 Wireless Pulsating Metronome. Featuring the capacity to store up to 100 user presets for speed, accent patterns and more, this compact device can transmit the beat through sight, sound or feel for ultimate versatility. You can even synchronize it wirelessly to other units to keep every member of your group on the same page.

If you're looking for legendary Peterson accuracy in a pedal format, the Peterson VSS-C Stomp Classic Strobotuner Pedal Tuner is for you. This compact tuner features 100% true-bypass tuning with guaranteed 0.1 cent note detection to provide the most accurate pitches. The LCD display is easy to see in even low lighting conditions, and the built-in presets let you select sweetened tuning options for more pleasing intervals.

No matter your style or instrument of choice, Peterson accessories can help enhance your sound and bring convenience to your routine. Accuracy, reliability and cutting-edge technology are the cornerstones of the Peterson brand and are the reason why so many musicians trust their products. So why not find out what Peterson accessories can bring to your practice?