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Ukulele Strings

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  1. D'Addario EJ87B Titanium Baritone Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $9.39
  2. DR Strings 10-Pack Ukulele Multi-Color Soprano Concert Strings
    Product Price $49.95
  3. Martin Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings
    Martin Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $5.99
  4. D'Addario EJ88C Nyltech Concert Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $5.99
  5. AQUILA Red Series 89U Baritone Ukulele Strings (DGBE Tuning)
    Product Price $10.21
  6. AQUILA 53117  Low G Tenor Ukulele Strings
    AQUILA 53117 Low G Tenor Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $7.49
  7. D'Addario EJ99TLG Pro-Arte Carbon Tenor Low G Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $6.79
  8. AQUILA Red Series 85U Concert Ukulele Strings (GCEA Tuning)
    Product Price $9.95
  9. GHS H-10  Hawaiian Ukulele Black Nylon Strings
    Product Price $6.99
  10. AQUILA Red Series 87U Tenor Ukulele Strings (GCEA Tuning)
    Product Price $10.69
  11. AQUILA 23U High G Tuning Baritone Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $7.99
  12. D'Addario EJ87T Titanium Tenor Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $7.69
  13. D'Addario EJ87C Titanium Concert Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $7.47
  14. D'Addario EJ88S Nyltech Soprano Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $5.49
  15. LaBella 100 Uke-Pro Concert/Tenor Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $4.95
  16. AQUILA Red Series 83U Soprano Ukulele Strings (GCEA Tuning)
    Product Price $10.21
  17. Ernie Ball Concert/Soprano Nylon Ball-End Ukulele Strings - Black
    Product Price $5.49
  18. D'Addario EJ65TLG Pro-Arte Custom Extruded Tenor Low G Nylon Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $8.50
  19. D'Addario EJ87S Titanium Soprano Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $7.86
  20. D'Addario D'Addario 8-String Nyltech Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $10.99
  21. Cordoba 8U Aquila Low-G Concert Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $8.49
  22. Oasis Warm Low G Ukulele Strings
    Oasis Warm Low G Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $10.99
  23. D'Addario EJ88T Nyltech Tenor Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $5.69
  24. Martin Polygut Premium Ukulele Strings
    Martin Polygut Premium Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $8.99
  25. D'Addario D'Addario 6-String Nyltech Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $6.39
  26. D'Addario EJ99SC Pro-Arte Carbon Soprano/Concert Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $9.39
  27. D'Addario EJ88UB Nyltech Bass Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $11.99
  28. DR Strings Ukulele Multi-Color Soprano Concert Strings
    Product Price $7.99
  29. Fender California Coast Series Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $4.49
  30. D'Addario EJ65B Pro-Arte Custom Extruded Baritone Nylon Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $8.39
  31. D'Addario EJ65S Pro-Arte Custom Extruded Soprano Nylon Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $4.79
  32. Dunlop Soprano Pro 4/Set Ukelele Strings
    Dunlop Soprano Pro 4/Set Ukelele Strings
    Product Price $7.43
  33. D'Addario EJ99T Pro-Arte Carbon Tenor Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $9.99
  34. GHS H-T10 Standard Ukulele Black Nylon Strings
    Product Price $4.60
  35. Dunlop Soprano Student 4-Set Ukelele Strings
    Product Price $5.44
  36. GHS Fluorocarbon Soprano/Concert D Tuning Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $6.99
  37. D'Addario EJ88B Nyltech Baritone Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $5.99
  38. D'Addario EJ99B Pro-Arte Carbon Baritone Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $8.49
  39. LaBella 200 Uke-Pro Soprano Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $4.95
  40. D'Addario EJ65T Pro-Arte Custom Extruded Tenor Nylon Ukulele Strings
    Product Price $5.09
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A small instrument with big character, the ukulele is all too often underrated. This four-stringed member of the guitar family has a lighthearted, classic sound that adds a fun Hawaiian flavor to any music. A skilled player can wow any audience with the ukulele, as long as he or she has the instrument fitted with the right strings. Because of its compact size, the ukulele derives a large portion of its final sound from the strings. This makes it important to make sure your strings are properly tuned and in good condition. When it's time to re-string your ukulele, you'll find several different varieties to choose from. Modern ukulele strings are usually made of nylon polymers, with the exact composition varying from string to string. The thicker strings are often wrapped in a metal such as aluminum or copper, which can have a subtle effect on the tone. It may take some experimentation to discover which strings are right for you. Standard strings are excellent for most scenarios, but if you are a serious ukulele performer, you may want to consider trying out a set of titanium strings. These ukulele strings provide a louder sound than nylon strings, with greater clarity and projection that make them more easily heard in an auditorium and better-defined when picked up by a microphone. Ukulele strings are made to specific lengths and thicknesses for each of the four sizes of the instrument: soprano (standard), concert, tenor and baritone. In order for the strings to fit properly and have the correct sound, make sure that the strings that you pick match the size and tuning of your ukulele. If your instrument uses paired courses of strings, you will need enough replacements to swap out all six or eight. With a great pair of strings, you can give your ukulele a whole new sound. Whether you're onstage in a concert hall or busking at the local market, a ukulele with fresh strings is an unassuming instrument that can surprise your audience with its mellow, lively style.

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