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Bring some island living to your sound with a Kohala ukulele! Dependably designed to pump out sweet jams, these ukes will bring a smile to the face of everyone around as soon as you start playing. Authentically styled and inspired by Kolohe, their mischievous rascal of a mascot, this brand brings a whole new meaning to the idea of laid-back music. Like most ukuleles, Kohala ukes come in the four standard sizes, so knowing which one you’re interested in ahead of time will help you narrow down options, making your decision that much easier. Soprano ukuleles, which are the smallest of the four, offer the highest pitch, concert, which produces a mid-range tone, tenor which features a deeper sound, and baritone, which creates the lowest tones of all. After you know which size, the rest comes down to personal preference with things like tonewood, shape and finish.

If you’re just starting out on a uke for the first time, and are looking for something comfortable to learn on, the Kohala KG-S Soprano Ukulele is definitely the instrument you’ve been after. Coming in a variety of colors, made of lightweight basswood and equipped with extra-durable GHS strings, this ukulele will help you as you escape into this new world of music. Other options, like the Kohala KP-C Kanikapila Concert Ukulele, are full packages providing you with everything you need to jam. Crafted with convenience in mind, Kohala wants you to be able to just pick up and start playing.

Maybe you’re a more experience musician looking to add some island attitude to your play? The Kohala Tiki Concert Ukuleles brings color and character to every note you strum! Each of these vibrant ukes feature a stunning Tiki-carved bridge, position markers on both sides of the fretboard (giving both left-handed and right-handed players access) and a durable satin finish so you can really jam. Crisp and sweet in sound, you’ll be the life of any beach party with these versatile ukuleles.

Music is supposed to be about fun, and that’s what Kohala ukuleles promise every time you play. Classically styled, but with an adventurous twist, these ukes will have everyone dancing and swaying as you strum the night away.