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An instrument that's as elegant and refined as the violin should be crafted by experts with incredible precision and detail. Silver Creek completely understands this, and like every instrument and musical accessory they design, their violins boast a high level of quality, from how they look to how they sound and feel. Throughout Silver Creek's section of violins, you'll find an impressive variety of models to choose from, each of which contain carefully selected tonewoods and hardware, so you can be sure that it will provide you with countless years of musical enjoyment.

Before choosing a violin, it's important to consider your own specific needs first. For example, if you're a beginner or buying for one, something in a lower price range would be your best bet, and the Silver Creek Fiddle Outfit 4/4 Size would be an excellent choice for anyone who has aspirations of taking up the instrument. In this package, you'll receive a bow, rosin, strings, care products, case, and a beautifully-crafted fiddle that features a select solid spruce top, select maple back and sides, and a solid maple neck with oiled finish. Complete with a composite tailpiece and a Stradivarius style chin rest, this option is a convenient way of testing the waters and seeing if the fiddle is for you.

Now, if you're an experienced performer, you might be interested in an acoustic-electric model, and for that, Silver Creek has just the answer. From its hard-carved flamed maple back and sides to its Glasser horsehair bow and selected carved spruce top, the SC3B Acoustic-Electric Violin is a solidly-built instrument that's easy on the eyes, and even easier on the ears thanks its Barcus Berry installed pickup. Additionally, the SC3B has D'Addario Prelude strings that are very easy on the fingers, and its 4 fine tuners and fingerboard offer easy tuning and adjustment.

As you can see, if you're searching for a moderately-priced violin that doesn't sacrifice playability, tone, and durability, then Silver Creek is clearly the way to go. So dive in and check out the rest of their selection; you can bet that a perfect violin for you is waiting right here, courtesy of Silver Creek.