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The art of hand-crafting microphones is something that Applied Microphone Technology takes very seriously. With both wired and wireless options available, it's their wireless mics that have truly taken the industry by storm. By focusing on a pure, natural reproduction of sound, their equipment is simply unmatched, allowing you or your instrument to freely stand out on stage like never before. To start, it's usually best to narrow things down by your specific needs. Consider the type of instrument you play first, and how you'd like to mic it. For example, if you're a saxophonist, you have options like the AMT LSW Saxophone Microphone and the AMT TA2W Dbl Soprano Saxophone Microphone to choose from, ensuring you can pair your instrument with almost any wireless system. From AMT and Shure to Sabine, Line6 and Sennheiser, all the top brands are covered so you're sure to find something that works for you. And with options for trumpets, flugelhorns, flutes, double clarinets, violins and harmonicas, there's a mic for nearly every type of brass and woodwind instrument.

Another thing to consider is the overall the weight of the system. Quite lightweight to begin with, you still want to make sure you can support both the instrument and the wireless system... especially if you are a smaller musician during longer performances. Also, take a look at the connection type to ensure your chosen mic will works with your specific system, and don't forget all the other accompanying accessories so you have everything you require to use it right away.

Preferred by artists like Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder and Dave Leibman, it's no wonder Applied Microphone Technology has such a religious following. When you make gear this good though, it only makes sense. So whether you're looking to enhance your current setup, or you're building something from scratch, Applied Microphone Technology wireless systems will definitely help you achieve the projection you're after.